Community Interventions

Over the years, the foundation has engaged in a diverse range of community interventions, addressing various aspects of health and well-being issues. This comprehensive approach has and continues to have a positive and lasting impact on the Below is a breakdown of each intervention thus far:

#1. Weekly Radio Program (Started in 2013)

Dubbed “Apɔwmudzen Mmr3 Nie” (Firm Health Hour), this program is aired every Wednesday morning on Dynamite FM (88.9) between the hours of 8:30 am – 9:30 am. The program is anchored by Dr Joseph Darko (Medical Superintendent, New Government Hospital, Bogoso) who doubles as head of Medical Services of the foundation.

Objective: Raise awareness, disseminate information, and educate the community on various topics such as health, education, social issues, and community development.
Implementation: Host weekly radio programs featuring expert guests, community leaders, and informative content. Encourage audience participation through call-ins, surveys, or social media interaction.
Impact - Increased knowledge and awareness among community members, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment.

Rebacca Burke

#2. Quarterly Blood Donation Drive (Started in 2023)

The primary aim of organizing the quarterly blood donation drives is to facilitate the collection of donated blood from voluntary individuals to supply safe and sufficient blood and blood products to healthcare facilities in the Tarkwa and Bogoso Municipalities. The target of the drive is to raise a thousand (1000) pints of blood all year round. Meaning, the foundation aims to raise 250 pints of blood every quarter.

Objective: Contribute to the local healthcare system by ensuring a stable blood supply for medical emergencies and treatments.
Implementation: Organize quarterly blood donation events, collaborating with local hospitals, medical professionals, and volunteers. Conduct awareness campaigns before each drive.
Impact - Saving lives by providing a sustainable and accessible blood source, while also raising awareness about the importance of blood donation.

Rebacca Burke

#3. Community Medical Screening Program (Started in 2016)

The primary goal of organizing a free Community Medical Screening is to enhance community health and well-being by providing accessible and preventive healthcare services. Over the past years, the foundation has visited over 20 communities across the country and screened over 13,000. The tests carried out include; BP tests, blood sugar level tests, urinalysis tests, eye tests, amongst others.

Objective: Improve community health by early detection and prevention of diseases through regular medical screenings.
Implementation: Conduct regular medical screening camps in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Cover a range of health indicators, including blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and other relevant screenings.
Impact - Early detection of health issues, increased health awareness, and promotion of a healthier lifestyle within the community.

Rebacca Burke

#4. 5KM Health Walk and Aerobics Session (Started in 2018)

The 5KM Health Walk and Aerobics Session is a fantastic initiative to promote physical activity, fitness, and community well-being. This event is observed on the last Saturday of every month.

Objective: Promote physical activity, community engagement, and overall well-being.
Implementation: Organize 5KM health walks with a designated route. Follow it up with an aerobics session led by qualified instructors. Encourage participation from all age groups.
Impact - Contributes to the overall health, social cohesion, and well-being of the community.

Rebacca Burke

#5. Feed the Aged and Medical Screening Project

The "Feed the Aged and Medical Screening Project" is a community initiative that combines two essential components: providing nutritional support to elderly individuals and conducting medical screenings to assess and address their health needs. This project aims to address the holistic well-being of elderly individuals within the Beyin community by providing nutritional support and conducting medical screenings.

Objective:Address the needs of the elderly population by providing nutritional support and medical check-ups.
Implementation: Organize regular feeding programs for the elderly, along with comprehensive medical screenings. Collaborate with healthcare providers and nutritionists to tailor the support to individual needs.
Impact - Improved well-being for the elderly population, early detection of health issues, and social engagement for this demographic.